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Customized Maldives Tour Packages by Meteorites Travel

Are you planning a scenic getaway to the Maldives? Do you need a vacation to kick your blues away? If yes, then Meteorites Travel is here to help you with the whole trip! Whether it is a family package you are looking for or a couple’s retreat, Meteorites Travel has the perfect Maldives tour package for you. You can also have a guided vacation with a complete itinerary, or you can tour around on your own, all thanks to Maldives travel agents.

Meteorites Travel, a travel agency that is offering more than 35 tour packages to the Maldives, with prices as low as Rs. 29,986. You can include or exclude flight tickets in your tour package if you desire. There are many Maldives trip packages to choose from. You can also add specific activities and tours in your package. Grab the hot deals and make the most of your vacation with Meteorites Travel.

If you want to customize your Maldives tour from India, you can do it so easily. If it is something romantic you are looking for or even something adventurous, Meteorites Travel is sure to accommodate your needs and requirements. You can also decide the course of activities in the tour package. You can aim for something luxurious or relaxing or even active, depending on the kind of vacation you wish to spend. Meteorites Travel has an option for all.


Best Maldives Travel Agency in Delhi

Meteorites Travel is an up and coming travel agency that connects travelers to relevant travel agents for a relaxing and cheery trip. The travel agents handle all the formalities to provide you a hassle-free experience. Since Meteorites Travel arranges tours to the Maldives from India, they are well versed with the trustworthy hotels and tour agencies. They also compare the prices given by different hotels and choose the best deal according to your needs and requirements. Meteorites Travel keeps in mind your preferences and budget to select the plan that is best suited for you. They leave no stone unturned in giving you the best hospitality. As more and more travel agents are coming into contact with Meteorites Travel, their business network is expanding and is beneficial for their customers as well.


1. Value for Money on Booking Maldives Trip

The travel agency guarantees to give you the lowest price in the low season with all-inclusive taxes. The Maldives tour cost from India includes a multitude of complementary services such as meet and greet at the Male airport and also drop off to the airport on the day of your return. The package also includes complimentary food services and outdoor activities. Since prices are calculated on a per-person basis, so make sure to enter the total number of travelers to get the correct quote amount.


2. Visa Facilities With Your Maldives Tour Booking

As already mentioned, all the flight ticketing and visa processes will be handled by the travel agency. The price of the tour includes the visa services as well to provide you a hassle-free experience. The visa facilities provided by Meteorites Travel include all processes related to the visa that extend and include any problems in issuing a visa.


3. Excellent Travel Agency for the Maldives in Delhi

Meteorites Travel is one of the best travel agencies in Delhi for a tour to the Maldives. The smooth functioning of the staff to plan your trip and book it, is commendable. The low prices are also winning hearts in Delhi. A scenic getaway usually comes with a hefty price, but this is no longer true. Meteorites Travel provides the perfect experience according to your taste and budget with no restrictions.


4. Tried and Tested Quality Maldives Tour Services

Meteorites Travel is known for delivering according to its word. The same applies to its Maldives tour packages. People who visited the Maldives through Meteorites Travel have verified the quality services provided by them. The complementary services offered, along with the structured itinerary, give a relaxing experience to the traveler. There is no burden placed on the traveler for any reason whatsoever as priority is given to the customers, above all.


5. Customizable Tour Packages for the Maldives

Some of us are into adventurous activities while some of us prefer to relax on the beach, so why should your tour package be any different? Meteorites Travel offers you the chance to customize your very own travel package. You can include the activities you desire and remove the unwanted ones. You will be charged accordingly without any issues. There is a wide range of tour packages available, and you can customize any that suits your needs.

Maldives Tour Packages Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the best time to visit the Maldives?

A. Although the Maldives is sunny all year round, the perfect time to visit would be from November to April. The temperatures fall in the range of 23 degrees Celsius to 31 degrees Celsius. It is advisable to avoid the monsoon season which usually lasts from May to October. You should try to avoid it as the activities you can do will be significantly hampered.

Q. How much does it cost to go to the Maldives from India?

A. The price of your trip varies with the package you select and the hotel you decide to stay in. If you choose to book a Maldives tour package with Meteorites Travel, then the hotel stay and activities included are handled by the travel agency itself. They strive to offer you the lowest price of the low season.

Q. What are the famous tourist hotspots in the Maldives?

A. The Maldives consists of several islands, each having its specialty. It is up to you, what do you opt for. Some of the famous tourist spots include Male, Banana Reef, Artificial Beach, National Museum, Hulhumale, and Maldive Victory. There are countless activities to engage your adventurous soul. Be sure to try them all out as you might not get another chance.

Q. What can you see in the Maldives during the trip?

A. The Maldives is a very varied destination in terms of what you can see. There are many spots that are famous among tourists. There is the Maldive Victory, Banana Reef, HP Reef, Grand Friday Mosques, Male Friday Mosque, Mulee’age Palace and China-Maldives Friendship Bridge. You can always go looking for a unique place and discover a hidden gem.

Q. What can you do in the Maldives during the trip?

A. The Maldives is a collection of islands surrounded by serene blue waters. There are so many activities that you can do; there won’t be enough time to complete all. You can go diving or snorkeling and view the Maldive Victory or the Banana Reef or HP Reef. You can also opt for dolphin and whale watching while enjoying the sunset on the cruise.

Q. Is the Maldives the right choice for a honeymoon trip?

A. The Maldives is, in fact, one of the top choices of newly-weds for their honeymoon. The scenic beauty of the islands, along with complimentary services available, makes it the perfect choice for couples.

Q. What does the Maldives honeymoon package include?

A. The Maldives honeymoon package includes meet and greet at the airport, honeymoon freebies, complimentary fruit basket, and a bottle of sparkling wine all in the comfort of your private suite.

Q. What are the ongoing offers on Maldives Tour Packages?

A. The current offer for Maldives tour package is 26% off on the 3 Nights Maldives tour package.

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