Maldives Best Places To Visit – 60 Top Tourist Attractions in Maldives Based on Local Insights

maldives places to visit

Where to spend your holidays in the Maldives?

For most people, the opportunity for an exotic holiday comes once or twice a year. Because it’s hard to seize some time that we can spend with our friends and families and forget about our daily 9-to-5 schedule. So, why not enjoy these limited days to the fullest?

There isn’t any shortage of scenic destinations globally that you can choose from. Some are filled with crazy adventures, whereas some are quiet and calm. Some are jam-packed with entertainment, whereas some possess the power to heal your pain.

Often we try to seek peace, away from the crowd and chaos of a city. If you fall in the same category and your feet halts in the purity of nature, then it’s evident that you want to spend some time in the lap of mother nature. But the question still remains, which destination to consider as the best for a peaceful, as well as an exotic holiday.

Why the Maldives, why not anywhere else?

And the answer is the Maldives. The undisputed islands of Maldives are where you should step onto. It’s undoubtedly the perfect travel destination for spending your limited but valuable holidays among nature’s whisper. If you visit the Maldives with your friends and families, I can promise that you won’t regret it. Instead, you’ll spend some quality time, worth to remember for your lifetime.

The Maldives, or officially known as The Republic Of Maldives is a nation and a group of small islands in South Asia. It’s situated in the Arabian Sea and lies about a thousand kilometers from the Indian coastal regions. This group of islands or chain of islands comprises of 26 Atolls, beginning from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll in the north and ending at Addu Atoll in the south.

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Fun fact, Maldives is the smallest country in Asia by land area, as well as the population with around 515K inhabitants. Malé is the capital of this country and popularly known as the King’s Island for its central location in the chain. Enough geography classes, I guess. Now, let’s discuss what’s unique in the Maldives and what activities you can do here.

The Maldives has so much to offer you more than beaches, islands, and sightseeing. The lands of Maldives are blessed with a rich heritage and culture. You can explore island villages, source local handicrafts, visit heritage sites, watch cultural presentations, and taste delicious regional cuisines on fishes and seafood.

As this place is a marine area, you can expect every sort of water-based adventures like scuba diving, paragliding, and many more. For energetic and adventurous travelers, Maldives is a rewarding destination. And the next time when you’re planning for your holidays, you shouldn’t exclude this place as your ultimate travel destination.

Let’s now check out quite a few of the most popular and scenic destinations in the Maldives. As mentioned, Maldives comprises of 26 smaller islands. Therefore this place speaks loud about its uniqueness and diversity. So, here are 60 of them. Following, I’ve mentioned 60 destinations that must be included in your itinerary for your next holiday tour to the Maldives. So, without further adieu, let’s explore them all.

60 tourist destinations in the Maldives

#1. Malé


Apart from being the economic center and capital of Maldives, Malé is the throbbing heart of the nation. It’s also famous for sight-seeings such as the Old Friday Mosque, National Museum, China-Maldives Friendship Bridge, and the famous fish markets.

Things To Do In Malé Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Hulhumale
⇒ Hukuru Miskiy
⇒ National Museum
⇒ Villingili
⇒ Atolls of the Maldives
⇒ Mulee-aage Palace
⇒ Artificial Beach
⇒ Sultan Park
⇒ Fish Market

#2. Maafushi


The Maldives is all famous for its lands that plunge into the ocean, and Maafushi isn’t an exception. The local cultural activities are so fascinating here that you won’t feel overcrowded, even with 2700 people living in just 1270×265 square meters of space.

Things To Do In Maafushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Snorkeling
⇒ Sandbank
⇒ Night & Day Fishing
⇒ Island Hopping
⇒ Local Culture
⇒ Dolphin Safari
⇒ Luxury Resort Stay
⇒ Floating Bar & Safari

#3. Addu Atoll

Addu Atoll
Image Source:

Surely Addu Atoll is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Maldives. The heart-shaped Addu Atoll is home to some breathtaking places in the Maldives. Some popular sights here are Eedhigali Kilhi and British War Memorial.

Things To Do In Addu Atoll Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Herathera
⇒ Feydhoo
⇒ Ismehela Hera
⇒ Meedhoo
⇒ Eedhigali Kilhi
⇒ Koattey
⇒ Maradhoo

#4. Addu City

Addu City
Image Source:

Including Addu Atoll, six islands are collectively called Addu City. It’s just a matter of crossing bridges to hop from one to another as they are connected with causeways. This creates a 14 kilometers long stretch of land in the Maldives.

Things To Do In Addu City Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Gan
⇒ Villingili
⇒ Hithadhoo
⇒ Maradhoo
⇒ Feydhoo
⇒ Herather
⇒ Meedhoo
⇒ Hulhumeedhoo
⇒ Ismehela Hera
⇒ Eedhigali Kilhi

#5. Dhangethi

Image Source:

This beautiful green island is wrapped with snow-white sands and blue ripples from the Indian Ocean. With no habitants on this piece of land, there’s flourishing biodiversity, tropicals, wildlife, and underwater fauna, with little traces of coral reefs.

Things To Do In Dhangethi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights

#6. Hithadhoo

Image Source:

Hithadhoo is undoubtedly one of the best holiday destinations in the Maldives. Mostly popular for its scuba diving locations, this place is also famous for nearby hotels and restaurants that offer amazing Maldivian cuisines with local fishes and seafood.

Things To Do In Hithadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Eedhigali Kilhi
⇒ Addu mature Park

#7. Fulhadhoo


Fulhadhoo is the ultimate destination for your blissful escape in the Maldives. With a population that is less than 250, residing in the northern part of this island, Fulhadhoo is perfect for people who seek for a peaceful rest and rejoicing in nature.

Things To Do In Fulhadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ White Sendy Beach
⇒ Spot Dolphins and Turtles
⇒ Snorkelling and Diving
⇒ Swim in the lagoons
⇒ Relax in beach resorts

#8. Fulidhoo

Image Source:

Fulidhoo is a different kind of paradise in the Maldives. There’s no fancy hotels, restaurants or cafes. Neither there are any human habitats. It’s calm, gentle, and sublime with natural beauty that can provide you the ultimate peace of mind.

Things To Do In Fulidhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Fulidho Island
⇒ Scuba diving
⇒ Exclusive diving
⇒ Great visibility all year round
⇒ Real local island
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Beach swing

#9. Dhidhdhoo


I guess the first thing you’ll look for in the Maldives is a beautiful hotel or resort. Well, you don’t need to go anywhere, as Dhidhdhoo is the perfect location for you. It just takes a small boat ride from Malé to discover exciting hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Things To Do In Dhidhdhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ North Maldives and Velilnn
⇒ Feydhoo
⇒ Bikini Beach

#10. Maamigili

Image Source:

Maamigili is a charming and tiny island in the Maldives with just 750×500 square meters of land. If you climb to the top ridge of this island, you’ll be surrounded 360° with the blue water, with numerous coral reefs surfacing on the gentle ripples.

Things To Do In Maamigili Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Spot Dolphins and Turtles
⇒ Hukuru Miskiy
⇒ Local Culture
⇒ Koattey
⇒ Sultan Park
⇒ Hulhule Island

#11. Mandhoo

Image Source:

Named after a local flower, the tropical island resorts of Mandhoo offers a load of Beachfront or water villas. Though this destination is targetted towards premium tourists, still, it’s beautiful as heaven with lots of greenery and florals.

Things To Do In Mandhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Private picnic on a sandbank
⇒ Snorkelling and diving
⇒ Underwater spa date
⇒ Traditional dhoni sunset cruise
⇒ Nosh on Mas Huni
⇒ Network in tropical surrounds
⇒ Party it up
⇒ The Piano Deck at Baros

#12. Thinadhoo

Image Source:

On one side, there are local inhabitants with hotels, resorts, and restaurants. And on the other hand, there are long stretches of sands. This perfect blend of commercialism and naturalistic views makes Thinadhoo, one of the best tourist attractions in the Maldives.

Things To Do In Thinadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Velana
⇒ Kaadedhdhoo
⇒ Thinadhoo Friday Mosque
⇒ Meradhoo
⇒ Madavelli
⇒ Hoandeddhoo
⇒ Havoddaa
⇒ Kunata
⇒ Madavelli

#13. Rasdhoo


Rasdhoo is yet another diving location for the tourists visiting the Maldives. The water here is clean, so much cleaner that you can observe the lovely and colorful fishes from the surface. This also makes it a perfect spot for casual fishing.

Things To Do In Rasdhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Kuramathi
⇒ Veligandu
⇒ Ukulhas
⇒ Thoddoo
⇒ Madivaru
⇒ Madivaru Finolhu
⇒ Masjid Abdulla
⇒ Thoddu Beach

#14. Gan

Image Source:

Apart from being a lodging area among the local dwellers, Gan has also served in the pages of our history textbooks. During World War II, Gan was a British Air & Naval Base that was functional until the cold. And it’s still noticeable on its soils.

Things To Do In Gan Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Paree Fengandu
⇒ Villingili
⇒ Feydhoo
⇒ Maradhoo
⇒ Hithadhoo
⇒ Herathera
⇒ Bondo Hajāra
⇒ Meedhoo
⇒ Hulhumeedhoo
⇒ Ismehela Hera

#15. Dhigurah

Image Source:

This oasis in the middle of the Indian Ocean serves as another spot for diving enthusiasts. But not for regular ones who come to see coral reefs and aquatic life. But it’s famous for observing whales and sharks in the deep pools of water.

Things To Do In Dhigurah Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dhigurah
⇒ Kuda Rah
⇒ Vakarufalhi
⇒ Machchafushi
⇒ Maafushivaru
⇒ Nalaguraidhoo
⇒ Vilamendhoo
⇒ Mirihi
⇒ Dhiffushi
⇒ Fenfushi

#16. Kelaa

Image Source:

Kelaa refers to sandalwood in English. Once you visit this island, you’ll be amazed at two distinct natural compositions on two different sides. You’ll find black coral reefs and white stretches of sand on each side, with human habitat in-between.

#17. Felidhoo

Image Source:

Maldivian names are indeed confusing. Don’t mismatch this place with Fulhadhoo or Fulidhoo, because it’s entirely different. Felidhoo is one of the best destinations to visit in the Maldives for sunbathing on the sand, alongside feeling the gentle breeze.

#18. Thoddoo


Being a prime location for farming and cultivation in the Maldives, Thoddoo exports fruits and vegetables to the capital and other islands. Apart from shining with transparent water, this place is packed with lush greenery and tropical plantations.

Things To Do In Thoddoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Thoddoo Beach
⇒ Rasdhoo
⇒ Veligandu
⇒ Thoddu Beach
⇒ Madivaru
⇒ Madivaru Finolhu
⇒ Kardiva Channel

#19. Ukulhas

Image Source:

Fishing enthusiasts adore Ukulhas for being a great place to catch yellow Tuna and Blue Marlin. With a population less than 100, this island possesses pearl-like ripples and snow-white sands in its beaches, which is often washed by turquoise waters.

Things To Do In Ukulhas Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Velidhoo
⇒ Kuramathi
⇒ Rasdhoo
⇒ Veligandu
⇒ Bathalaa
⇒ Mathiveri
⇒ Gangehi
⇒ Maayafushi
⇒ Bikini Beach

#20. Guraidhoo

Image Source:

Guraidhoo is another densely populated island, about 30 kilometers away from the capital Malé. Thirteen guest houses and resorts occupy this island. It’s an excellent place to find soothing holiday inns and hotels to cheer out your days in the Maldives.

Things To Do In Guraidhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Olhuveli
⇒ Guradu
⇒ Maadhoo
⇒ Maafushi
⇒ South Malé Atoll
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Dhigu
⇒ Bodufinolhu
⇒ Naladhu
⇒ Makunufushi

#21. Thulusdhoo


Though this island is attractive to surfers, there are some interesting parts to its industrial sector. This island has multiple factories, including the one to dry and pack tuna fishes. But the most exciting one is the Coca-Cola factory from the early 80s.

Things To Do In Thulusdhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Hudhuranfushi
⇒ Huraa
⇒ Gasfinolhu
⇒ Kuda Huraa
⇒ Kanifinolhu
⇒ Meeru Island
⇒ Malé Atoll
⇒ North Malé Atoll

#22. Gulhi

Image Source:

Like most other famous destinations in the Maldives, the principal economic activity of this place is also fishing. This island is one of the best places to visit in the Maldives because of its inhabitants who always cheerfully welcome their guests.

Things To Do In Gulhi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dhigu
⇒ Gulhi Beach
⇒ Naladhu
⇒ Gulhi Beach
⇒ Veliganduhuraa
⇒ South Malé Atoll

#23. Fehendhoo

Image Source:

If you’re searching for a restful place to spend splendid moments with your family in the Maldives, then there’s no better option than Fehendhoo. As there’s less population, there are also fewer infrastructures. This helps the biodiversity on the island to flourish.

#24. Dhiffushi

Image Source:

Want to be a part of exciting water activities? Dhiffushi should be in your itinerary then. There are very few destinations in the Maldives that packs lodging, food, and water activities altogether. Dhiffushi is one of them if you need the same.

Things To Do In Dhiffushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Meeru Island
⇒ Dhiffushi
⇒ Thulusdhoo
⇒ Huraa
⇒ Asdhoo
⇒ Kuda Huraa
⇒ Hudhuranfushi
⇒ Kanuhuraa
⇒ Meerufenfushi
⇒ Kanifinolhu

#25. Veymandoo


I can’t describe the quality of those delicious cuisines available in Veymandoo. It’s evident that the 2nd prime economic activity of Maldives is fishing, and that’s why the fish and seafood cuisines here are unbelievably tasteful and healthy.

#26. Huraa


If you’re entering the Maldives on a flight, then it’s very likely that you’ll land on Huraa airport. It’s one of the major gateways to enter the Maldives, and several affordable hotels and resorts are located on this island, waiting to serve their excellent services.

Things To Do In Huraa Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Kuda Huraa
⇒ Hudhuranfushi
⇒ Kanuhuraa
⇒ Himmafushi
⇒ Kanifinolhu
⇒ Thulusdhoo
⇒ Lankanfushi
⇒ Lankanfinolhu
⇒ Gasfinolhu

#27. Rinbudhoo

Image Source:

Rinbudhoo is yet another excellent lodging destination for tourists. Many premium villas, resorts, and restaurants are there to serve your days in the Maldives. You can also check out the three famous mosques that attract thousands of travelers each year.

#28. Mathiveri

Image Source:

What if the balcony of your hotel room opens straight towards the magnificent Indian Ocean? That’s also possible in the Maldives if you book your hotel in Mathiveri. The long stretches of sand with cold breezes are what you need for a scenic experience.

Things To Do In Mathiveri Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Madoogali
⇒ Gangehi
⇒ Bodufolhudhoo
⇒ Kudafolhudhoo
⇒ Velidhoo
⇒ Ukulhas
⇒ Mathiveri Finolhu
⇒ Feridhoo
⇒ Bikini Beach

#29. Ungoofaaru

Image Source:

Surrounded with pearl-like ripples of water and whitish sands on its beaches, Ungoofarru has a lot more to offer than others say. This inhabited island can give you more pleasure than the crowded ones because of its sweet whispers from nature.

Things To Do In Ungoofaaru Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Ifuru
⇒ Dhuvaafaru
⇒ Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll
⇒ Faarufushi
⇒ Raa Maamigili
⇒ Maakurathu
⇒ Ungulu
⇒ Maalhosmadulu Atholhu Uthuruburi
⇒ Muravandhoo

#30. Eydhafushi

Image Source:

Just like Malé, Eydhafushi is another administrative island in the Maldives. Though it’s primarily not a tourist attraction, you can enjoy the views of substantial commercial and government offices that stand tall with mesmerizing nature beneath its feet.

Things To Do In Eydhafushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Kunfunadhoo
⇒ Maalhos
⇒ Miriandhoo
⇒ Dharavandhoo
⇒ Horubadhoo
⇒ Dhigufaru
⇒ Milaidhoo
⇒ Amilla Fushi
⇒ Hanifaru

#31. Manadhoo

Image Source:

I’m getting baffled with the island names in the Maldives. Not to be confused with Mandhoo, this place offers luxurious hotels, bars, and restaurants like no other island in the Maldives. Here, you can also have some excellently prepared cuisines.

Things To Do In Manadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Medhufaru
⇒ Randheli
⇒ Kuredhivaru
⇒ Kudafunafaru
⇒ Velidhoo
⇒ Miladhoo
⇒ Dhigurah
⇒ Lhohi
⇒ Maafaru

#32. Hangnaameedhoo

Image Source:

The streets are empty most of the time because this place isn’t that much habited yet. After a 15 minute walk to this place, you’ll see very few infrastructures with many under construction. But still, the rural roads here are great for walking casually.

#33. Mahibadhoo

Image Source:

If there’s heaven on Earth, then it’s in Mahibadhoo. This place is exotic, as well as filled with modernity with some lovely hotels. If you’re lucky, then you can surely book your rooms in the famous Liberty Guest House, which never runs vacant.

Things To Do In Mahibadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Omadhoo
⇒ Vilamendhoo
⇒ Maafushivaru
⇒ Mahibadhoo Beach Club
⇒ Haggnaameedhoo
⇒ Kunburudhoo
⇒ Huvahandhoo
⇒ Visit Kunburudhoo
⇒ Hagnaameedhoo

#34. Gaafaru

Image Source:

There are endless possibilities of activities on this small island in the north of Malé. You can enjoy sunbathing on the bikini beach and snorkel with turtles. But perhaps, the most interesting one is the shipwreck that is still a mystery on the history’s pages.

Things To Do In Gaafaru Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Helengeli
⇒ Olhuhali
⇒ Kagi
⇒ Eriyadoo
⇒ Akirifushi

#35. Meedhoo

Image Source:

Don’t miss the famous Meedhoo Harbor on your next visit to the Maldives. You won’t feel comfortable to leave this place once you start enjoying here. Long stretches of sand are what makes this place as one of the main destinations in the Maldives.

Things To Do In Meedhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dhigali
⇒ Meedhupparu
⇒ Aarah
⇒ Furaveri
⇒ Filaidhoo
⇒ Huruvalhi
⇒ Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll
⇒ Fainu
⇒ Fasmendhoo

#36. Kulhudhuffushi


Yeah, don’t try to pronounce this word. What you must try is making a short visit to this island. Among the calmness of nature and away from any human residence, you’ll get to spend some cheerful moments by walking on the gentle white sands.

Things To Do In Kulhudhuffushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Hanimaadhoo
⇒ Hon’daafushi
⇒ Thiladhunmathi Atoll
⇒ Nolhivaranfaru
⇒ Kunburudhoo
⇒ Vaikaradhoo
⇒ Thiladhunmathi
⇒ Keylakunu
⇒ Kurin’bi

#37. Hanimaadhoo

Image Source:

Hanimaadhoo is the natural gem to enjoy the true Maldivian lifestyle. The hotels and restaurants here aren’t modern or fancy, but they can provide you a sneak-peek into the culture-rich Maldivian history that remains unknown under its sands.

#38. Maamendhoo


Many islands in the Maldives are still far away from any modernity of commercialism, and Maamendhoo is the perfect example. If you prefer to take a little essence of village lives, then it’s yet another tourist attraction for you in the Maldives.

#39. Himmafushi

Image Source:

Remember when I told you that there’s an excellent scope for surfing in the Maldives. Well, this is your ultimate halt, if you prefer surfing on the blues. The depth-less water offers a unique opportunity for amateur surfers who want to learn during their holidays.

Things To Do In Himmafushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Lankanfushi
⇒ Huraa
⇒ Lankanfinolhu
⇒ Kuda Huraa
⇒ Kanuhuraa
⇒ Hudhuranfushi
⇒ Bandos
⇒ Hukuru Miskiy
⇒ Kanifinolhu

#40. Dharavandhoo

Image Source:

A fascinating holiday tour in Dharavandhoo can surpass all your expectations. Your prime motto to visit the Maldives must be not to miss any of the water adventures here. Not only surfing, but you can also check out snorkeling and scuba-diving.

Things To Do In Dharavandhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dharavandhoo
⇒ Bikini Beach Dharavandhoo
⇒ Dharavandhoo Airport
⇒ Dharavandhoo Beach

#41. Fuvahmulah

Image Source:

Tired of regular beaches, hotels, and restaurants in the Maldives? If so, then why not visit Fuvahmulah to enjoy the heavenly life of aquatics and fauna. On this island, there’s great biodiversity that lets you enjoy among beautiful birds and animals.

Things To Do In Fuvahmulah Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Fuvahmulah
⇒ Fua Mulaku Island
⇒ Dhadimagi Kilhi
⇒ Vasho Veyo
⇒ Kedeyre Miskiyy
⇒ Thoondu
⇒ Boardwalk (Maalegan) – Fuvahmulah Nature
⇒ Koda Kilhi ‘mud bath’

#42. Keyodhoo

Image Source:

I had told you several times throughout this article that fishing is one of the main occupations in the Maldives. But not everywhere you’re allowed to throw hooks, except Keyodhoo. Fishing is permitted here for all tourists who visit this spectacular place.

Things To Do In Keyodhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Felidhoo
⇒ Felidhu Atoll
⇒ Alimathaa
⇒ Keyodhoo Guest House
⇒ Aarah
⇒ Bikini Beach
⇒ Tinadu
⇒ Anbara
⇒ Bodumohora Beach

#43. Rakeedhoo


Want affordable hotels in the Maldives? Grab your bags and come straight to Rakeedhoo, where you can get some crazy deals on booking hotels and resorts at an affordable price. But affordable doesn’t mean cheap because the quality is top-notch.

#44. Funadhoo

Image Source:

The name derived from an indigenous local flower ‘Funa.’ This island is developing doesn’t have any modernity currently. But still, it remains the best spot for swimming and snorkeling in the exotic beaches of snow-white sands.

Things To Do In Funadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Southern Miladhunmadulu Atoll
⇒ Milandhoo
⇒ Lhaimagu
⇒ Maaungoodhoo
⇒ Dholhiyadhoo
⇒ Narudhoo
⇒ Farukolhu

#45. Vaadhoo


The nightlife on this island is nothing less than great paintings by artists. During the dusk, the sands, along with the clean water, makes the ripples appear to be glowing. Surely this is the best place for spending long splendid times with your loved ones.

Things To Do In Vaadhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Sea of Stars
⇒ Faarufushi
⇒ Ifuru
⇒ Rasgetheem
⇒ Alifushi
⇒ Angolhitheemu
⇒ Hulhudhuffaaru
⇒ Maanenfushi
⇒ Kuramaadhoo

#46. Velidhoo

Image Source:

Velidhoo is inhabited with very creative people who design and make astonishing handicrafts out of wood and bamboo. On your next visit to the Maldives, be sure to bring home some pieces from them, to remember your Maldivian adventures.

Things To Do In Velidhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Randheli
⇒ Sand Bank
⇒ Medhufaru
⇒ Manadhoo
⇒ Raafushi
⇒ Orivaru
⇒ Owner’s Villa
⇒ Fodhdhoo
⇒ Holhudhoo

#47. Maakurathu

Image Source:

This is where natural beauty mixes up with the modern lifestyle. A visit to this fascinating island in the Maldives will help you roam around the heavenly gardens and bold tropicals. There’s so much to enjoy here that I can’t explain in words.

Things To Do In Maakurathu Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dhuvaafaru
⇒ Meedhupparu
⇒ Dhigali
⇒ Northern Maalhosmadulu Atoll
⇒ Ifuru
⇒ Faarufushi
⇒ Raa Maamigili
⇒ Ungoofaaru
⇒ Meedhoo

#48. Hoarafushi


Just like Huraa, Hoarafushi is yet another gateway airport to step onto the Maldivian soil. Following the facility of having an airport, this place also homes to numerous affordable and premium hotels and resorts. It’s more like a replica of Huraa.

Things To Do In Hoarafushi Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Ihavandhippolhu Atoll
⇒ Ihavandhoo
⇒ Uligan
⇒ Maafinolhu
⇒ Hathifushi
⇒ Thuraakunu
⇒ Thakandhoo
⇒ Maarandhoo

#49. Vaikaradhoo


This fantastic island is surrounded 360° with white stretches of sand with a tropical spot in the middle. Compared to other islands in the Maldives, this one is quite big, and thus it shelters several locals who are engaged in businesses like tourism and fishing.

Things To Do In Vaikaradhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Neykurendhoo
⇒ Thiladhunmathi Atoll
⇒ Vaikaramuraidhoo
⇒ Keylakunu
⇒ Nellaidhoo
⇒ Kanditheemu
⇒ Kunburudhoo
⇒ Kurin’bi

#50. Villingilivaru Island

Villingilivaru Island
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Villingilivaru is wholly focused on its tourism industry. Apart from having premium restaurants and bars, this Maldivian island also provides a long beachside to its tourists, allowing them to enjoy the pleasing sunbathing with calm breezes.

Things To Do In Villingilivaru Island Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Vilamendhoo
⇒ Maafushivaru
⇒ Kuda Rah
⇒ Vakarufalhi
⇒ Machchafushi
⇒ Huvahandhoo
⇒ Dhigurah
⇒ Mirihi
⇒ Mahibadhoo

#51. Nilandhoo

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The Maldives owns several chapters in history. During a short visit to this island, you can visit the Foah’mathi Buddhist temple, the Aasaari Miskiy mosque, and a unique, unknown school that dates back to the sixteenth century into the reigns of Mughals.

Things To Do In Nilandhoo Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Vommuli
⇒ Magoodhoo
⇒ Dharanboodhoo
⇒ Meedhoo
⇒ Rinbudhoo
⇒ Bandidhoo
⇒ Bileddhoo

#52. Nolhivaranfaru


Nolhivaranfaru is an island village, with a small community predominant on agriculture. This place isn’t as densely populated as the rests, but still, it acts as a long footway between crop fields, where you can have long walks with your loved ones.

Things To Do In Nolhivaranfaru Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Hanimaadhoo
⇒ Kulhudhuffushi
⇒ Utheemu
⇒ Island Hideaway at Dhonakulhi
⇒ Hon’daafushi
⇒ Utheemu Ganduvaru
⇒ Alidhoo
⇒ Thiladhunmathi
⇒ Finey

#53. Naifaru


Have you ever spent nights in a wooden inn? If not, then you should spend at least one night here in the vintage inns at Naifaru. Give yourself a break from the crowd and experience what it feels like to lead a village life, away from any modernity.

Things To Do In Naifaru Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Komandoo
⇒ Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives
⇒ Hinnavaru
⇒ Kuredu
⇒ Felivaru
⇒ Fushifaru
⇒ Madivaru
⇒ Atoll Marine Center
⇒ Hurawali

#54. Kanuhura

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Resorts are expensive to afford but provide way more delicate services than any hotel. If you want to experience the same, but at an affordable price, then head towards Kanuhura. You’ll love the exceptional services they can provide at a budget.

Things To Do In Kanuhura Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
Maldivian warrior workout
Piloxing – (Pilates and boxing)
Castaway picnic on a deserted island
Coconut tree climbing show
⇒ Kanuhura’s orchid gardens
⇒ Fly fishing
⇒ Big game fishing
⇒ Beach boot camp
⇒ Private boat hire
⇒ Windsurfing
⇒ Catamaran sailing

#55. Meedhupparu Island

Meedhupparu Island
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This is an island that was left untouched so that the Maldivian wildlife can flourish without any human involvement. Meedhupparu is one of the best destinations to visit in the Maldives for enjoying its flourishing biodiversity in the mother nature.

Things To Do In Meedhupparu Island Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dhigali
⇒ Meedhoo
⇒ Aarah
⇒ Furaveri
⇒ Filaidhoo
⇒ Huruvalhi
⇒ Voavah
⇒ Fainu
⇒ Kinolhas

#56. Kandima

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Kandima is much more than just a popular destination to visit in the Maldives. This new tourist location offers a seriously stylish island topped with extraordinary restaurants and plenty of cultural and water-based activities to choose from.

#57. Ellaidhoo Island

Ellaidhoo Island
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From the best coral reefs for diving to the incredible cuisines worth tasting, Ellaidhoo packs some severe surprises for your every step. Whether day or night, there’s no end to the cheerful activities that attract visitors from all over the world.

Things To Do In Ellaidhoo Island Island Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Halaveli
⇒ Bathalaa
⇒ Ari Atoll
⇒ Maayafushi
⇒ Mushimasgali
⇒ Haggnaameedhoo
⇒ Maagaa
⇒ Kandholhudhoo
⇒ VOI Maayafushi Resort – All Inclusive

#58. Falhumaafushi

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Here, not only the beaches mixes with the ocean but the residential building too. Many hotels and resorts are built entirely on the calm ripples of the Indian Ocean. Standing on the balconies is a different kind of joy, which you won’t find anywhere.

#59. Maalhos

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Roughly about a kilometer in length, Maalhos isn’t any big. A spectacular house reef surrounds this scenic island with a rich combination of flora and fauna. Often you’ll get to see baby sharks, turtles and moray eels in the coastline.

Things To Do In Maalhos Island Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Dharavandhoo
⇒ Hanifaru
⇒ Eydhafushi
⇒ Kunfunadhoo
⇒ Horubadhoo
⇒ Dhigufaru
⇒ Hanifaru Bay Marine Protected Area
⇒ Mudhdhoo
⇒ Amilla Fushi

#60. Hulhumale

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This island isn’t like any other islands in the Maldives at all. Because its an artificial reef. The intention is to build extended land areas to house more hotels. On a short visit, you can observe how the Maldivian economy is developing with modernity.

Things To Do In Hulhumale Based On Traveller Visits And Local Insights
⇒ Hukuru Miskiy
⇒ Hulhule Island
⇒ Vihamanaafushi
⇒ National Museum
⇒ Mulee-aage Palace
⇒ Artificial Beach
⇒ Atolls of the Maldives
⇒ Fish Market
⇒ Sultan Park

Final sayings

You shouldn’t wait for a second now. Pack your bags, book flight tickets and head straight towards the Maldives, where you can spend some quality times with your family or friends. For most people, the chances for exotic and adventurous holidays come only once or twice, and no-one should waste those beautiful moments.

Here in the Maldives, you can extract every joyous essence from the culture-rich Maldivian life. The residents here will welcome your families like their brothers and sisters. There’s no doubt that the 60 places, which I mentioned above, are fantasies for travel geeks and also the best destinations to visit in the Maldives.

Once you experience the Maldivian life, you’ll take back some precious moments worth remembering for the rest of your life. So, get off your couch and give yourself and your family an unforgettable experience of their lifetime. Maldivian adventures are eagerly waiting for your arrival.

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