Maafushi Island Things To Do/Activities Based on Traveller Visits and Local Insights


You already have packed all the essential items with you, but the thing you forgot is a to-do list. But well, we will save the task for you and make sure that you enjoy it thoroughly so that you will never forget this trip. So, let’s get started. 

The island, being located in the heart of Maldives, is considered to be one of the biggest and the most beautiful Islands. Located in Kaafu Atoll about 27 km away from the airport of male, this island supports the life of around 2700 people. Becoming a perfect balance between lifestyle and convenience, it becomes an ideal holiday destination where you want to go with your loved ones. And well, reaching this island is easy too. To book your Maldives tour online, go for “Meteorites Travels” as it is the best International Travel Agency. Just hop on a speed boat from the airport and enjoy your 45 minutes trip there. This island indeed is a beauty of nature and a great work of the people living on it, so here a fun thing you can do:

Snorkelling: Experience the Marine Life


An island is known for it being near the ocean and to be accurate, in the honest. Almost all the guesthouses and diving companies offer exquisite trips to the breath-taking reefs that are full of coral and exotic marine life. Some of the best snorkelling sites include Maavellathu, Banana Reef, Vilivary Corner, and even Maafushi Corner. Well, don’t worry if you are a beginner too, these companies offering the trip also provide tourists with a PADI certified training programme that will teach you and also give tips about snorkelling.

Sandbank Tours Enjoying the Nature

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No trip to an island, including the Maldives, is complete without a sandbank tour. Sandbanks are made from snow-white sand that forms around the shallow area of the Sea. The mesmerising part about a sandbank is the colours emanating from it. Coloured mainly as different shades of green with a touch of blue with totally steal your eyes making you fall in love with this mesmerising piece of art. When you sign up for it, you will be taken to a small sandbank for an entire day.  Night & Day Fishing: Looking at the Unique and Exotic species

Well, what’s better than fishing on an island. Keeping everything apart, Maldives is home to some of the most mesmerising and exotic species of fishes. And well, if you want to see how they look in real life, well, why leave such a huge opportunity. Generally, most of the guesthouses on the island offer you packages to enjoy your trip by fishing in the Sea. Well, in a rare case, where your hotel doesn’t provide you with this facility, don’t worry, instead, go to the nearest diving centre to look out for the best packages for fishing.

Island Hopping: Exploring Nearby

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The Maldives is known for the beauty of all of its islands, not just one. And so, since you came near one, why not enjoy being in all of them. If you are tired with snorkelling and other activities, why not enjoy a fancy change of scenery by heading out and going to other islands of Maldives. Not to the ones that are far, but there are many islands near Maafushi on which you can enjoy to your fullest. Don’t need to worry about going places as a lot of guest houses provide a private transfer upon request. 

Localities: Enjoying with Locals

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The population of this island is not much. But still, that’s the beauty of this island. The people of this island protect it, making it an excellent place to visit.One of the best attractions is the sand kissed beaches. But, if you are tired of roaming under the Sea, you can also have a stroll at the streets, enjoying the local culture of the islands. There are many places to see, such as the local homes, the area, and everything else, including the daunting Maafushi prison. 

Dolphin Safari: Having a look at an impressive species

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Many people are afraid of the Sea or who are unable to swim. Well, it’s not a shame to admit this before going in the Sea since this will help a lot to your instructor and to yourself too. If you still don’t want to go underwater, you can still enjoy marine life by staying outside the ocean. You can enjoy the creatures on a Dolphin safari. Numerous organisations organise a dolphin safari at very reasonable rates. These safaris don’t include you seeing the animals while being trapped in an aquarium; the organisers will provide you with a motorboat and a professional who will drive you to the middle of the ocean where you can see a lot of these creatures in the water.

Bikini Beach: Enjoying the Sun

The trip to an island is almost incomplete without bathing in the sun and getting a skin tan. Also,a day trip to Gulhi island which has a bikini beach with crystal blue water would be amazing. There are a lot of beaches on the islands of Maldives rest along the Maafushi island. There are also numerous restaurants where you can enjoy a meal while being in the sun. And also, you don’t have to worry about your outfit; this island is a place where you can wear your favourite swimsuit and enjoy all through the day.

Luxury Resort Stay: Relaxing to Enjoy more

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Every trip is incomplete without a comfortable stay. Well, to make sure that you enjoy to your fullest and with extreme energy, you need to be comfortable while you rest and recover. And since Maafushi is known to be one of the best tourists’ spot, you will also find one of the best and luxurious resorts of all here. The stay will provide you with best quality service including a healthy, tasty and exquisite food including the facility of swimming pools, free Wi-Fi, Spa to freshen up, and what more, an environment which is full of nature. 

Floating Bar: A whole new Bar experience

A drink at the end would relieve you of all your tiredness. If you like drinking a lot at such occasions, drinking in your hotel or any public place might not be a good idea since alcohol is not allowed on Maafushi island. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot drink while being on the island. Floating bars are the only place on this island where drinking is allowed. As the name tells us, Floating Bar is kind of a boat with a bar on it, and so, you can enjoy drinking with your loved ones along with enjoying the scenery of the Sea. 

Sunrise: Watch the Beauty of Nature at its fullest

Nature gives you the best experience and best moments you can ever get. One of the best experiences one can get is watching a Sunrise or a Sunset. And well, what is better than watching it from a beach. Well, lucky for you, the bikini beach is so far, the best place you can watch a sunrise from. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and go on to view the best morning of your life.

There are still a lot of other things to do on this island. But well, first things first, make sure to be well equipped with the gear. Gears such as a mask and other stuff that come in handy while diving will not only save you last-minute buying hazards but also will save you a lot of money since this equipment is overpriced at these islands. You will also not want to grab a lot of things with you. Because you will want to enjoy underwater, but you might only want to go fishing. So, bringing your fishing equipment will not be a good suggestion. Also, travelling light will come in a lot of handy when you decide on going to other islands. So well, why not give it a shot and enjoy your next trip on the islands of Maldives, making a memorable trip with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you Drink on Maafushi Island?

No, drinking is not allowed in Maafushi Island. Although you still can drink while being on a Floating Bar.

Which is the best month to visit the Maldives?

April and November, the months having a Hot and Sunny day are considered to be the best months for a visit to this island.

What is the cheapest month to get to the Maldives?

-Months which don’t support the best weather conditions for a visit such as those of January, February, August and even October are the cheapest to visit in the Maldives.

Is Maafushi Island worth visiting?

-Maafushi indeed is an island worth visiting. And well, you will only realize this when you visit it yourself. So, why not give it a shot.

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