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Hong Kong Holiday Packages Overview

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Would you like to explore the futuristic city of Hong Kong? Are you planning your trip? Why not let Meteorites Travel handle all the hassle for you so you can sit back and relax? Meteorites Travel is a wonderful travel agency that is known for giving reasonably priced Hong Kong tour packages. Be it a short weekend trip or a week-long relaxation trip; Meteorites Travel can help you with all your wishes. The agency plans out your trip just as you want it to be without any problems. You can customize your activities and excursions depending on whether you want it to be a family trip or just a couples retreat.

Meteorites Travel offers over 36 India to Hong Kong tour packages. All the packages are priced reasonably and begin as low as Rs. 41,389. As already mentioned, you are free to customize your India to Hong Kong holiday package, and that is extended to flight tickets too. You can book the flight tickets through the agency or on your own. The range of customizability is sure to surprise you but do not doubt that all this comes at a high price. The prices are lucrative even on adjusting the minor details of your itinerary such as the activities and spa facilities if any. You are sure to feel pampered with all the services offered by Meteorites Travel.

Why Choose Meteorites Travel for Hong Kong Trips Booking

Know the top reasons/benefits to book your Hong Kong vacation from India

This travel agency is dedicated to its job and works hard to present you the holiday it promised.  The Hong Kong holiday trip includes all the top tourist spots that one must visit if travelling to Hong Kong. The journey is planned in such a way that there is not a single dull moment. The itinerary also includes enough time for you to shop to your heart’s content and to fill your stomach with the mouth-watering cuisine of Hong Kong. There is a half-day trip to Macau as well which will deliver you right in the lap of luxury as Macau is filled with luxurious hotels, casinos and restaurants. The accommodation and food are taken care of in the itinerary by the agency itself unless you wish to customize any options.

Choosing a travel agency to plan your trip to a foreign land may seem really difficult, but you can not go wrong if you decide to go for Meteorites Travel. This travel agency is certified and connects customers to verified Hong Kong travel agents. Meteorites Travel agency is your best bet if you wish to avoid scams and hoaxes. As already mentioned, the agency will handle all the procedures to give you a completely relaxing experience of travelling.

1. Value for Money on Booking Hong Kong Holiday Packages

The tour packages of Hong Kong provided by Meteorites Travel are guaranteed to be the lowest you can find in that particular season. They strive to maintain all the prices within a reasonable range and also offers a multitude of activities and experiences you can enlist for. The hotel that is selected also provides complementary services to the customers depending on the package. The total price of the tour package changes according to the number of travellers. So, make sure you enter the correct headcount of adults and children travelling to get the total price of the tour package.

2. Visa Facilities with Hong Kong Holidays Booking

As mentioned above, all the procedures are handled by the travel agency. This is extended up to visa procedures too. The total price of the tour package includes the charges for the visa services beforehand, so you do not need to pay extra at all. If there may be any problems in issuing the visa, the travel agency will handle the same.

3. Excellent Travel Agency for Hong Kong in Delhi

Meteorites Travel really does go all out in booking your trip, and this is what makes it the perfect travel companion too. The staff is experienced and humble as they consider all your ideas and include them in the trip to the best of their abilities. The price is also reasonable and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Such customizable tours are usually pricier, but Meteorites Travel manages to keep it at a standard price.

4. High Quality of Hong Kong Tour Services

The praises of Meteorites Travel for their Hong Kong tour package are already making the rounds as people have expressed their heartfelt and “wallet-felt” gratitude to the agency. The heart winning features of the agency include their extensively planned out itineraries complete with adventurous activities and experiences to guarantee you the holiday of a lifetime. Since every last detail is prepared, you only need to haul yourself around and enjoy to the maximum of your capabilities.

5. Customizable Tour Packages for Hong Kong

There are several occasions where the agency gets introvert customers who are seeking relaxation or the adventurous kind who wish to try all the extreme activities available. For these very incidents, Meteorites Travel gives you complete freedom to select your own set of activities and experiences in your holiday package without having to follow any strict rules. If you wish for adventure, add all those activities that get your adrenaline rushing and pulse racing. If you want to slow it down, you can select various spa services provided by the hotel or any other spa facility.

FAQ - Hong Kong Tours and Travels

Frequently asked questions about India to Hong Kong trips

Q. What is the recommended time to visit Hong Kong?

A. According to the weather in Hong Kong, the best time to visit it would be in the later months of the year. Explicitly speaking, October to early December is a pleasant and cool time to visit. However, if you wish to explore the culture of Hong Kong, the months of January and February are great. These months are the time when the Lantern Festival and the Spring Festival is celebrated with great pomp and vigour.

Q. How much does it cost to go to Hong Kong from India?

A. The prices of your entire trip vary from travel agency to travel agency. Here, at Meteorites Travel, you are guaranteed the lowest price of the season. It is expected to change depending on the number of travellers, flight tickets, activities, accommodation and food.

Q. What are the famous tourist hotspots in Hong Kong?

A. There is not a single dull place in Hong Kong as it is a very lively location and contains many tourist places. The famous tourist hotspots include Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Victoria Harbour, Lantau Island, Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping 360, The Peak Tram, Avenue of Stars and Lan Kwai Fong. Visiting Lan Kwai Fong is highly recommended for those who wish to taste the nightlife of Hong Kong.

Q. What can you see in Hong Kong during the trip?

A. There are many places to sight-see in Hong Kong, and these include the Avenue of Stars, Ngong Ping 360, The Peak Tram, Tian Tan Buddha, Lantau Island, Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour. You can visit all these places for the pure purpose of sight-seeing. If you wish to shop, then Hysan Place, Ladies Market, Temple Street Night Market, Stanley Market, Elements Mall and The One will not disappoint your inner shopaholic.

Q. What can you do in Hong Kong during the trip?

A. Hong Kong contains many fun-filled spots for tourists such as Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park, both of which are theme parks with many rides and exotic features. You can witness the nighttime light shows that light up the Victoria Harbour at night, or you can amuse yourself in the entertainment centre at Ngong Ping 360. If you can brave a foreign cuisine, then Lan Kwai Fong is for you. You can experience lively dining and the nightlife of Hong Kong at its best.

Q. Is Hong Kong the right choice for a honeymoon trip?

A. There is never a right or wrong choice for honeymoon trips. It depends on the couple entirely. Talking about Hong Kong specifically, it is a mesmerizing destination for a honeymoon. There are so many new experiences for you that Hong Kong is bound to leave you with a lasting memory of your honeymoon.

Q. What does the Hong Kong honeymoon package include?

A. The Hong Kong honeymoon package includes a meet and greet at the airport, freebies for your honeymoon and complementary services in the comfort of your private suite. There may be additional services depending on the hotel you choose.

Q. What are the ongoing offers on the Hong Kong tour packages?

A. The cheapest current offer for Hong Kong tour package is 26% off on the 3 Nights Hong Kong tour package.

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