Cancellation Policy

Carrier Cancellation Policy: All scratch-off and date change of Air tickets depends on the aircraft strategy and will be shared at the time of the prerequisite.

Land Part Cancellation Policy: Clear 35 working days or more preceding the date of flight of the Tour – No Cancellation at the Tour Cost until or except if indicated Non Refundable.

Clear 35 to 31 working days before the date of takeoff of the Tour. – 25% Of The Tour Cost 

Clear 30 to 16 working days before the date of takeoff of the Tour. – Half Of The Tour Cost 
Clear 15 to 08 working days before the date of takeoff of the Tour. – 75% Of The Tour Cost 

Less than 07 clear working days before the date of takeoff of the Tour. – 100% of Tour Cost

Meteorites Travel Cancellation Charges:

INR 10000/ – per Adult/Child. 
Visa Cancellation Charges (If any) 
Non Refundable and Non Changeable 
Note: Meteorites Travel isn’t in charge of any visa dismissal, visa delay and /so on as it is all subject to consulate purview. If you don’t mind give every one of the records required to visa on time (Meteorites Travel Visa group will have the same). On the off chance that You neglect to give on time Meteorites Travel won’t be capable. 
Protection Cancellation Charges (If any) 
Non Refundable and Non Changeable

Most Important Note:

Benevolently exchange every one of your instalments according to the calendar specified in the receipt or educate us in the event that you neglect to do as such. 

Our framework is advanced to the point that the booking will naturally get discharged if no refresh from your side. Re-Booking charges may apply and will be according to the organisation arrangement. 

Booking and Vouchers Policy 

We will begin handling your booking after the receipt of the underlying instalment till then we are not holding anything and can’t ensure the
accessibility of the proposed administrations. 

We require least 72 working hours to answer back on your booking confirmation, on the off chance that we neglect to give you the proposed benefits then we will give you comparable alternatives or we will discount your got sum. 

Travel permit duplicates (first page, address page or any perception page assuming any) should be given at the time of booking alongside the underlying instalment, in the event that you don’t give the same the booking procedure will be deferred. 

According to the new government rule PAN CARD is compulsory. 

Travel Vouchers 

Travel vouchers will be given inside 3 long periods of receipt of Final Payment. 

Travel Itinerary gave at the season of booking is just conditional and last schedule will be shared on entry at your goal as everything relies upon the last circumspection of our nearby partner at that specific goal.

Terms and Conditions:

Customer going via air will be liable to the aircraft confinements/restrictions on stuff weight/measure/ number every once in a while. Customarily, every aircraft enables their clients to expedite one convey pack and one individual thing, for example, a wallet, knapsack or workstation pack. The measurements of which ought not surpass 115 straight Cms and weight ought not surpass 7 Kgs. 
Presently, the aircraft limitation is 20 Kgs for economy class on flights to all goals aside from U.S. also, Canada where a man may convey 2 bits of checked in stuff and one tote. Moreover, stuff is excluded for inward flights in USA. One needs to pay for each bit of stuff checked in. The charges fluctuate from US $ 25 to US $ 35 for every sack. Kindly check with your business staff for remedy points of interest. 
We are not at risk, in any way, in the event that you can’t convey any stuff or in the event that you need to pay any additional charges because of limitations forced by the aircraft. You should be at risk to pay every such charge straightforwardly to the carrier. Additionally, we are not at risk for any misfortune or harm to stuff while it is in the guardianship of the carrier. 
The table underneath gives a general outline of the general stuff stipend for a full administration carrier. 
Stuff stipend depends on a Weight or Piece (number of sacks) idea. If you don’t mind take note of that each carrier has an alternate arrangement of guidelines and controls with respect to the weight confinements and besides, carriers continue changing the standards regularly. Subsequently, you are asked for to please check the refreshed things tenets of the individual air crafts, with whom the ticket is reserved. 
As doorman age is excluded in the visit cost and because of constrained space for baggage in the mentor, we suggest that you convey one single bag for every individual of a size of 158 Cms. (width + length + tallness) ideally with wheels for purpose of accommodation. All things and belongings are constantly and in all conditions the obligation of the Client. If it’s not too much trouble be mindful so as to guarantee that cameras, binoculars, melodic instruments, cell phones, Mastercards, adornments, explorer’s checks, money notes, travel reports ought to never be left unattended in the lodging, eatery, air ship, mentor or some other method of transportation, at the place of entertainment/touring and/or at the railroad station. So also the previously mentioned things ought not be kept in the checked-in stuff. On the off chance that you lose or lose any move able property we won’t be in any capacity dependable and/or at risk. We may not be in a situation to help and/ or then again hold up a protest with the specialists. 


It is fitting that the visit members convey their resources on their individual constantly. On the off chance that Safe Deposit. Lockers are accessible, the visit members should benefit the office at their own dangers and obligation. This office might be moreover charged by the lodging, which should be specifically paid by the customer to the inn. On the off chance that the Safe Deposit office isn’t accessible, the visit members must play it safe in securing their assets as the Company/specialist co-ops/organisation’s agents might not be at risk for any loss of assets or for making great such misfortune. 

Tipping is standard (except if generally expressed in the voucher) in all parts of the world for administrations rendered (e.g. watchmen, mentor drivers, guides and so forth). Your Sales consultant will direct you in such manner. 
This is a measure to guarantee your well-being and time teach. Customers should entirely hold fast to the recommended timetable for the day. It would be ideal if you cling to time train with the goal that booked touring isn’t missed because of your activities. In the event that any touring or administrations are missed because of your default the same will be non-refundable. Visit Participants are asked for to entirely take after the time plan given by any stretch of the imagination times including the flight time from the lodging, touring places, and so on. 
In the event that benefited of dinner choice on an occasion, there are pre-set menus gave by the eatery. We, in any case, maintain all authority to change the feast plan, where conditions force us to do as such. Dissimilar to a carrier, we can’t process for an extraordinary feast, consume less calories supper and so forth nor would we be able to ensure a unique eating regimen for clients if relevant. If the Client awakens late and misses breakfast and in the occasion that the Client is out alone and achieves late and misses suppers, at that point no claim can be made by him for the feast which he has missed and not used. 
Cash and Travellers Checks: 
We propose you take your vacation burning through cash mostly in money, incompletely in explorers checks or Travel Currency Card. Explorers checks are a sheltered method to convey cash as they are effortlessly encashed for a little administration charge and can be supplanted in the event that they are stolen or lost, if you have the lost voyagers check numbers and the counterfoil subject to American Express being happy with the validity of the claim. On the other hand, you can take a Travel Currency Card, which is by a wide margin the most secure approach to convey cash and make instalments. 
A twofold room has a ruler measure informal lodging twin room has two separate beds. Solicitations for twofold rooms will be liable to accessibility and in situations when a twofold isn’t accessible, we will furnish you with a twin room. We prescribe a greatest of just three people in a single room. Triple rooms are normally no bigger at that point twin rooms and the third bed is regularly a rollaway bed or bunk put in a twin room. Present day offices for example, joined toilets with showers/baths are given. General check in time is normally 2.00 p.m. what’s more, look at time is normally 12.00  a.m., early registration and late registration is liable to accessibility except if pre- paid and booked ahead of time. 
If there should be an occurrence of a traveler setting up for a solitary premise, should pay single room supplement. Any harm caused to the lodging property by you should be paid by you specifically to the inn and we would not be mindful and/or at risk for the same. 
Settlement for Child before 12 Years of Age: 
It is communicated and given to comprehend that a kid underneath 12 years old who is set up for the visit paying the extraordinary rate without a bed won’t be furnished with a bed in the inn while on the visit under any conditions except if a supplement is paid. On the off chance that the Client chooses to roll out any improvement in the staying while on the visit then they should will undoubtedly pay extra sum charged to them by the concerned Hotel straightforwardly to the Hotel. 
Extent Of Activity: 
We are travel and occasion coordinators as it were. We don’t control or work any carrier, neither do we claim or control any transportation organisation, mentor or mentor organisation, inn, transport, eatery, railroads, journey or some other office or administration said in this Itinerary. Despite the fact that we take mind in choosing all the fixings in your vacation, we can just choose and investigate them. As we have no control in running them, we can’t be in charge of any lack in benefit, delays, inappropriate administrations gave by any organisation, carrier, transport, lodging, journey or any supplier of administrations, for any damage, passing, misfortune or harm which is caused by the demonstration or default of the administration or representatives of any inn, carriers, shipping organizations, journey, mentor proprietors/mentor administrators/visit administrators who are the Company’s autonomous temporary workers. 
We are likewise not in charge of the postponement or lack in administrations gave by organization, aircraft, transport, inn, journey or any supplier of administrations, and/or any demonstration or activities of co-voyagers, co-travelers which may bring about damage, harm to the life/appendage or property of the Client or meddle with getting a charge out of or benefiting the accompanying and/or alternate administrations to be given on the visit. 


It might be exclusively the Client’s’ obligation to hold legitimate and bona fide travel archives and statutory clearances, to have the capacity to movement on the Holiday, for example, travel permits, visas, affirmed air-tickets, protection what’s more, medicinal protection endorsements and other statutory declarations including movement freedom and so forth. In any case, your Passport must be legitimate for no less than a half year resulting to the planned date of return of the Holiday. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that visitor going to Malaysia ought to have a legitimate travel permit for no less than nine months resulting to the booked date of return of the occasion. 

It is the obligation of the Clients to outfit all reports required by the Company for use of visa and so on. We are simple facilitators for giving visa direction administrations. In the occasion the application for the visa made by any Client or the Company in the interest of the Client is dismissed by the concerned Embassy or Experts because of insufficient records outfitted by the candidate or because of some other reason at all, the company should not be obligated or in charge of the same. The visa expense incorporates the genuine visa charge, cost of preparing expenses, proficient charges, and overheads. All cost, charges in regard of the said application for the visa might be borne by the Client and the non-refundable store paid by the customer might be relinquished and no claim at all should be made for the same. UK and USA visa will have to be gotten by the Client specifically, anyway the Company can just help with getting ready and submitting the visa application in light of archives gave by customers. Certain departments/government offices may call the customers for individual meetings and/or bio-metrics, As conceding or dismissing visas and movement leeway is the sole right of the concerned sovereign governments and the Company is just a facilitator, the Operator should not be dependable in instance of non-giving of such archives nor obligated for any deferral, fore’s wearing or other related act/exclusion or for any misfortune, cost, harm or cost coming about there from. The situation in regard of scratch-off of the visit by the Client due to non-accessibility of movement records would not change just by temperance of the Client having connected for such reports through the Operator. Regardless of whether the visas are rejected, the stipulated charges of the Operator might be payable by the Client. There will be no discount, if the Client, or any part of his gathering, can’t set out due to the said reasons. Truth be told, numerous a period, because of such undoing, the organization endures misfortunes on the grounds that, occasionally, the abrogation is done during an era of occasion surge like Olympics and so on and the outsider providers, for example, lodgings, air crafts and travels exact 100% wiping out charges. In such cases, crossing out charges as relevant by the organization will apply and the choice of the organization will be last and authoritative upon you. Considering the present situation, you concur not to continue lawfully against us except if there is a show mistake from our end. 

The Company would not be mindful in any way at all for any administrative blunder done by the concerned Embassy/Consulate with respect to name, connection of wrong photo, length and kind of visa (single/various section) or travel permit number. We generally utilize administrations of rumored dispatch organizations with the end goal of transmission of travel papers to the Embassies/Consulates and to our customers in different urban communities. We would not be in charge of any misfortune or harm whether immediate, accidental or important caused because of transmission postponements or loss of visa. The archives sent by you for visa reason are sent by us to the concerned Embassy/Consulate by outsiders and henceforth we would not be at risk for loss of your archives. We would in any case, make best endeavors to follow your archives or help you in getting elective/affirmed duplicates of the lost reports. If a customer can’t go on the Holiday date initially reserved by him/her, due to 
dismissal of visas by the concerned Embassy, the said customer should have the choice to defer his/her occasion to some other future date or pick some other occasion goal subject to wiping out charges of the past occasion. In any case, if the customer books and pays inside the scratch-off period and can’t set out because of any reason at all including non-accessibility of visas or any movement archives, the retraction arrangement will apply.

Well Being and Insurance:

It should be the obligation of the Client to educate the Company on the off chance that the Client has any medicinal condition that may influence his capacity to appreciate and seek after completely the Holiday Arrangements and wherein the enthusiasm of the Gathering or any part thereof is preferentially influenced. 

  • It should be the obligation of the Client to educate the Company on the off chance that the Client has any medicinal condition that may influence his capacity to appreciate and seek after completely the Holiday Arrangements and wherein the enthusiasm of the Gathering or any part thereof is preferentially influenced.
  • The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to request that the Client experience medicinal test and to give composed confirmation of his medicinal wellness before flight. If a medicinal condition has not been unveiled the Company won’t be subject to give any help or cash back. 
  • The Company makes it a condition that the Client is sufficiently secured by Overseas Medical Protection Policy and other fitting protection arrangements from the Insurance Company recognized and named by us to cover the danger of life, appendage and property while on visit, as The Travelius, won’t be in charge of the same. 
  • It might be noticed that the visit cost incorporates the protection premium. Nonetheless, people above determined age or visit members needing to expand their stay abroad past the length of the visit might need to gain the same at their cost. 
  • In the event that, if any experience sports are incorporated into the visit bundle, the customers should benefit of the same at their own particular hazard having respect to their therapeutic condition. The Company might not be obligated for any demise, damage or different misfortune that might be occasioned because of support of customer in such an experience sports. 

Relinquishment of Deposits: 
The Company might be inside its rights to relinquish the non-refundable intrigue free store paid by the customer to the organisation alongside the endorsed booking structure properly finished for the visit booked by the customer. In the occasion the customer drops the booking or on disappointment with respect to the Client to stick to the visit installment plan as educated in the documentation check list or in the occasion the visa of any nation is not allowed or can’t go on the visit booked by the customer because of any reason at all, including restorative ground or affliction, the nonrefundable intrigue free stores might stand relinquished, and the scale of undoing set out in the “How To Book” segment of the pamphlet might be pertinent and authoritative. The Customer explicitly consents to the prior terms and conditions. 
In the event that the Client, has any grievance in regard of any administrations gave by any of the Independent Temporary workers, the Client should quickly illuminate the Company and the Independent Contractor, so that the Company can take up the issue with the Independent
Contractor and the Company has the shot to redress the issues without further ado, if the grievance is bona fide. On the off chance that you neglect to do this, any privilege to pay or discount which you may have, will be doused or lessened. If there should be an occurrence of Client/s grievance concerning administrations of any self employed entity ought to be imparted on the crisis phone number given to you instantly, trailed by composed correspondence sent to the Registered Office of the organisation, messaged at [email protected] as instantly as could reasonably be expected and a duplicate thereof ought to be set apart to the self employed entity, whereby the Company has the opportunity to correct any issues, if the grievance is certified. Inability to do as such will bring about the customer losing any great to remuneration or discount. 
Any grumbling by the Client must be advised to the Company in composing inside 28 long stretches of the finish of the Visit. No claim advised to the Company outside this period will be engaged and the Company should acquire no risk at all in regard thereof. 
Protection of Information: 
We attempt to keep up the security of the individual data gave by you. Nonetheless, it would be essential for us to impart this data to Consulates, Embassies, Airlines, Hotels and other administration suppliers who might give you benefit amid the visit. We would likewise be compelled to reveal such data on the off chance that we get a request of the court, an order from any administration or statutory specialist, subpoena, or under any law, guidelines or controls, such exposure ends up fundamental. 
The organization claims all authority to distribute photos of customers taken amid the visit. 
On the off chance that you have any tips, which you should need to impart to us, do send in to us at this address: Customer Administration Cell, Meteorites Travel, or email to us at [email protected]
Uncommon Request: 
Where uncommon solicitations for room assignment, abstain from food thought, impair help on visit/inn/ transportation/voyage and so on are made in composing at the season of booking, each exertion will be made to attempt and convey. Anyway the Company won’t be held at risk for cases of harms or considerable misfortune assuming such demands are not respected. If there should be an occurrence of people with exceptional requirements, it is vital that a qualified partner goes with such a man. Deplorably, the Company can’t enrich any guide for strolling, feasting, getting on and off from vehicles and for other individual needs and so on to such people. 
The correspondence coordinated at the address of the Client as revealed in the ‘Booking Form’ might be esteemed to have been imparted to the Client. A Travel Agent through whom a Client books will act to transfer data from Client to Company and the other way around. The Company should not in charge of any mistake on part of such Travel Agent in such manner.

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